Hi and welcome to PR Dog Mom! A Northern Virginia based lifestyle blog focused on PR, puppies fashion and more. My name is Megan Quinn and I am the PR Dog Mom. Dog moms and PR junkies welcome and please don’t forget to ‘follow’ my blog!

A little about me:

  • Graduated from Millersville University in Pennsylvania with a BS in speech communication, focus in public relations and minor in print media studies.
  • Completed three internships while in college. The last one was an award-winning internship program in Harrisburg, PA with La Torre Communications.
  • Straight out of college, I worked as an account coordinator for Furia Rubel Communications.
  • Most recently worked as an account executive with Beekeeper Group in Washington, D.C.
  • Currently serving as Content Manager for MCI USA in Tyson’s Corner, VA.