You’ve Mastered the Art of the Crate: Now What?

We have crate training down to a science. Our pup, Harley Quinn (Myers), is five months old and is getting noticeably smarter each day. Keeping her in the crate while we’re at work has become challenging.

First of all, it’s hard to leave her and second is the howling. Within the first five minutes of our absence, she howls and cries consistently and then it just stops. But then it picks back up a few hours later.

We always keep all of her favorite toys in the crate and she has her comfy beds and blankets as well, but her separation anxiety is truly the hardest part. I’m hoping that with my new job’s schedule that allows more remote work, this will help with Harley’s issues.

Not everyone has this option though and for other puppy parents out there, stay strong. It’s truly difficult to leave our pups, but we have to work to feed them.

One solution I’m finding is to leave Harley out of the crate when we’re gone. Lately, we’ve gotten brave with trusting her to be good. We started slow at first. One hour here. Fine. Two hours there. Great.

We came home the other day after a few hours gone and I noticed fluffs everywhere. At first glance, I thought she tore into a pillow. After closer inspection, it turned out to be what was left of one of her favorite toys.

Today will actually be the first day we’re leaving her home alone for the longest time so I’ll keep y’all updated on how that’s going. Keep it up, Harley girl!

Anyone else have any crate training stories to share? I’ve love to hear more about your experiences!






3 thoughts on “You’ve Mastered the Art of the Crate: Now What?

  1. Hope it goes well! Our dog is 2 and she has a very bad case of separation anxiety. The problem is she chews everything if left out, so we keep up the crate. But she doesn’t howl like your pup.


  2. I don’t have any pets (we have three kids and they keep me super busy), but when I was growing up we had dogs. The puppy stage is always difficult. You’re brave in letting her roam while you’re gone!


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